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a revolutionary new software package specifically designed to help you create, manage and live track any type of driving event.

Developed by experts with over 25 years’ experience running successful automotive events around the world, Tourboss provides a single-point solution to every stage of the event management process, enabling seamless design, implementation and evaluation of events of any size and scale.

For the first time, Tourboss enables you to provide a completely bespoke, fully customisable experience for both your organisation and your guests, all from a single platform.

Software Features

Build & Manage

Build and manage bespoke automotive events, complete with fully customisable branding through the Tourboss online management portal.

Powerful Maps

The ability to have full route design and mapping capability, with infinite waypoints unlike Google or Waze. Including infinite number of stages and full labelling of each individual leg.

Live Tracking

Real time live tracking of all cars and drivers in an event. Including the ability to see individual vehicles, drivers and occupants, ETA to the next stop, and current speed.

Unlimited Participant Numbers

Tourboss allows the event organiser to invite an unlimited number of participants to the specific event. They can be invited via email or simply by sharing a unique event code with an existing Tourboss user. Signing up takes a matter of seconds and you are on the road.

Documentation Management

With Tourboss, you have the ability to have full documentation management, including legal documents such as indemnities and insurance plus any marketing collateral (vehicle brochures etc) right within your event. The system can handle a large number of file formats as well.

Communication In Real Time

Real time communication options from event managers to participants. Tourboss ensures everyone is on the same page for your event, ensuring a safe outcome and a great experience for everyone on the drive. Our technology is designed to ensure minimal lag and pinpoint precision.

The Mobile App

Turn-By-Turn Navigation

Easy Installation & Sign Up

Stage Navigation

Easy User Interface

We Are On

Our Leadership Team

Adrian Kinderis

Adrian Kinderis co-founded the Bombora Technologies group of companies (formerly AusRegistry Group) in 1999. After a successful exit, he went on to pioneer a number of businesses, such as Linga Network (an electric car network), Guest Check (a covid check in application) and many others. His passion for problem solving and technology has helped Adrian provide such valuable solutions to Australia and countries globally.

Steve Pizzati

Steve Pizzati is an Australian race driver, driving instructor, television presenter and free-lance motoring journalist. In 2008, he was selected from 4,000 applicants to be one of the presenters of Top Gear Australia on SBS TV. In 2010 he was the only host selected by the Nine Network to continue with the new broadcaster thus making him the only host to have been a part of all four series of the show.

We are the world leader in driving event management & safety.

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